Darkside Display Preference Options

Darkside Display Options give you control over important aspects of your game. From choices in your combat brackets, to wall commenting visibility, it's your one stop resource for tailoring VDS to your needs.

Finding the Darkside Display Options
Navigate to your profile page, then follow the visual tutorial below to find the Darkside Display Options.

You are now in the Darkside Display Options.


Fight Dialog Options
This option allows you to choose how the powers you and your opponent fought with are visible to you on the fight page.

Try them all and see which appeals to you!

Note that these options can also be accessed directly in the Fight Return Dialog while you're in combat. Simply choose the Gear icon and select your choice.

Example of the fight dialog Gear icon:

Show/Hide House Tag Options
This option allows you to hide or show Minor Bloodline [aka House] tags. This option was created for those people who don't want their tags publicly displayed.

Simply check the box to toggle OFF your tag visibility.
Uncheck the box to toggle ON your tag visibilty.

Comment Wall Post Visibility
This option allows you to change settings to your comment wall to make your profile more secure, and will aid you in preventing verbal altercations.

You now have maximum control over who can leave comments for you*.  The options are listed in a drop down menu for your convenience.

  • Public
    Wall is open to everyone (including NPC)

  • Public + No NPC
    Everyone can post on your wall except NPC (non playable characters)

  • Private
    No one can post on your wall

  • Clan Only
    Only those in your clan can post on your wall

Be sure to save your changes using the SAVE button once selected.

*Note that you can still leave your wall public and continue to use your supplied blocking tools to block any individual.

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    Well if ya have to hide your tags then that's sad, but hey some ain't got any swinging jingle balls! {WHISKEY}

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