Catacombs: Overview

The Catacombs

In the world of the Darkside, the Catacombs are a system of caverns & tunnels that run beneath your Sanctum. Built by your Slaves & Marked ones, several secret places have been prepared for you in order to store various important things.


The Catacombs consist of four different passages, with each passage containing distinct storage areas. Each storage area is seperate from one another, holding different things for you depending on the category. Each of these areas is also labeled in two separate ways to help you understand their function, category, and helping you to remember them.

The following section will detail not only how to access your catacombs, but also will briefly explain each section and their use by Passage, title, and description. But first, let's find out how to access and traverse these crazy, winding caverns!       

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