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  • Grace Forlenza

    I was told tonight by Belicia  D.  that since I'm over level 1000 I am not eligible for adoption or fostering.  I been looking everywhere in your QAF  and I haven't found anything that says anything about this.  I  understand there isn't too many players over level 1000 but surely  why should that make any difference if I want to be adopted?   Why should I be denied  a game sire and family to play the game with?   Why are you penalizing me instead of rewarding for even reaching such an achievement in the game?    I am waiting now for an answer to my ticket about this but I see no reason why you can't grant me my request and be able to be adopted.  


    Grace Forlenza


  • Jennifer Brown


    No player should be penalized for doing a great job. Yet the bigger we get, the more obstacles we face. 

    The rules clearly state that Elders can adopt, and anyone above level 19 can be adopted (if they haven't had a Sire for 90 days, or their Sire hasn't logged in for 30).

    It mentions nothing about L1000 being the cut off. That's not fair to anyone who wants a game family. 

    I hope you DEVs will fix this so that ALL Elders can be adopted if they so choose, no matter their level. 

  • Alice Grave

    Limits for young vamp make sense. Not allowing players above level 1000 to be sired though does not make sense to me. Since I cannot locate any official information on upper-level adoption I am hoping the customer service rep was mistaken and that all levels are adoptable. Makes no sense for a level 1000 to purge to take a sire if the sire is older than they are.

  • Alice Grave

    Players without sires may lose interest because they don't have that connection to family that comes from having a sire.

  • Jennifer Brown

    I couldn't agree more, Alice. 

    Players without Sires are way more likely to purge because they don't have that connection. 

    Families keep this game running.. always have.  Having a group of people to play with literally makes (at least) my game worth continuing. 

    There should be no cut off on level for adoption.  1000 is one of the greatest achievements in this game. We shouldn't be punished if we can make it that far.  


  • Kimmie Dalton

    I'm not sure how or when this new rule came about but I think it is utterly ridiculous. If level 1k+ players are no longer eligible for adoption then why should they continue to play when they aren't allowed to belong to a family or house of their choosing or those who may want/need to change sires? What purpose does that serve? Honestly, I find this distressing and unfair. With the obstacles that have been placed on players in the past (pendulum) it's a testament to a players love and enjoyment of the game that gets them to level 1k and above to begin with. Like those who have stated above, I can find no rule or information regarding this "rule". Please reconsider this. 

  • Patricia Riley

    Please don't penalize 1000 + level players by denying them a sire and a family to play with. This is very unfair to them and is tantamount to punishing them for doing well in the game. In my opinion, this is a  serious disincentive to playing the game at all and  makes no sense at all. I hope you will re-think this. Thank you.


  • Samantha Jane Sale

    What they all said ^^^ I really don't think it is fair to penalise vamps for achieving something, why restrict them? By 1000 they should know exactly who they are dealing with and why they want to be affiliated with them so why not let them I say. Also if you are looking at changing it so that they can join their chosen family and enjoy the game further then could you please look at changing the rules about age and adoption because as it stands when some players do find a good fit to adopt they have to stop plating until the prospective but younger sire has aged enough and this doesn't help anyone. Thanks!

  • Karen Nicholson

    This is very unfair to penalize level 1000 and above they have put a lot of hard work into their game and should be allowed to have a family.That is one of the main points of VDS is having family to play along side and to support them. Even though I am not near level 1000 this is making me think why should I continue to play if this is going to happen to me also and I guess a lot of others are thinking the same way..Please do rethink this very unfair rule .Also I agree Samantha the rule about age and adoption should be looked at as some have to stop playing so the sire they have as a great fit can adopt them and that is not good way to play. Thank you 

  • Susan Zinngrabe

    The rule that you can't have a sire if you so choose after level 1000 is ridiculous and needs to be changed immediately!!!!

  • Laura Hamilton

    It's not fair to penalize Vamps that have worked hard to get to Level 1000. This rule is ridiculous. They deserve to have a Sire and a family as much as any other Elder, if not more so for the time and dedication they have invested in the game.

  • Tamara Williams
    • You must be higher in age than the player you wish to adopt.

      I don't see any other restriction on elder vamps. It's kinda unfair to impose restrictions that players can't know about until they face them. For example, Grace had a sire she chose to leave. If she had known, because it was stated in the official VDS adoption section, it's possible she would not have decided to leave. Or it might have meant she'd left earlier so she'd still have the option of having a family. Or, whatever, whatever. The point is, if this is a thing players should have been informed long before players started reaching level 1000.  I'm sure this is just a weird thing written into the code before you imagined players would hit lvl 1000, or want to be adopted at that point. I think it would be lovely if you fixed it and let little Gracie find a home. :'( 
  • Patricia Daley

    There is no mentioning in the TOS that one cannot be adopted Above level 1000. Plain and simple. I agree with everything that already has been stated above. Belonging to a family is certainly a major motivation for gameplay.

  • Chinh Le

    First of all...The obvious question needs to be asked....WHY can't a level 1000+ vamp opt in to be sired or fostered??...I understand that Grace was told that her LEVEL was the reason why she couldn't opt in...but it seems that she was never told WHY that is...

    If it's due to coding, bec maybe there wasn't any anticipation over 8 1/2 yrs ago of players reaching levels 1000+, then can this coding be corrected so that she and other level 1000+ players will have the SAME option to find a sire as EVERY other player in the game above level 19??

    Now if it's due to a game rule, then where can we find that rule??  No one has been able to locate that rule...

    Is it due to a gaming philosophy??  Is it assumed that players above level 1000+ have mastered the game and therefore no longer need a sire and are prohibited from opting in to find one??...If this is the case, then shouldn't every vamp that reaches level 1000+ be rewarded and celebrated??...We see rewards and sanctums given to players for "recruiting" as many childes as possible, even if they really don't know that much abt the game or even play nearly as hard in the game as other players...Yet when a player has devoted the hundreds of thousands of hours required to form a strategy to grow their vamp and then tirelessly devote themselves to clicking in the game in order to achieve a level greater than 1000, not a single thing is mentioned to celebrate that player's accomplishment...And now we learn that such players cannot even opt in to find a sire or gaming family to join??

    Regardless of the reason, I believe Grace deserves the same right to have a sire or foster as is afforded to a level 20+ player...and I hope that her situation is corrected in the game...

    I also hope that the current and antiquated rule that a player has to be OLDER than another player in order to sire them be finally changed or done away with...
    Grace is level 1030+....but there are many dozens to hundreds of players who are older than her in the game....But just bec they are older, many of them are nowhere near her in LEVELS in the game...nor have many/most of them actually PLAYED more in the game per each day logged in that she has...Thus, I have little doubt that her KNOWLEDGE of the game...and ability to teach any childe...will be as competent as or actually surpass the ability of many dozens of players who are OLDER in age than she is in order to sire and teach a childe...
    I have asked for yrs now that the OLDER AGE requirement be dropped for siring...
    I'm not asking bec I want to hoard hundreds of childes...but bec I have many gaming friends, who I have helped learn more abt the game thruout the yrs, wanting to join my gaming family and officially have me as their sire...But bec they happened to start playing this game before I did, that can't happen...And it just doesn't seem fair...bec I certainly don't want them to have to abstain from entering the game or playing for months just to get their AGE lower than mine in the game...

  • Samantha Jane Sale

    The whole ageing thing is such a moot point now with Prowling making sure many players are logging in more frequently to do that even if they still don't play much. There are so many variables that make for a good or a rotten sire that age should be something the prospective adoptee should be considering and no one else surely? 


  • Jennifer Brown

    And not just that anyone level 20 and above should be allowed to be sired... 

    but what if a long time age 3000 player with 200 kids..  10 of those kids being L1000 or higher decided to quit the game? 

    There are 10 players no longer in that family, none of whom can get a new Sire. 


    I sincerely hope this is just a program issue that wasn't considered years ago,  (since it isn't in the adoption rules), and can easily be fixed. 

    Thanks DEVs!

  • Donna Bailey

    I couldn't imagine hitting level 1000 which isn't an easy thing to do and then find out that I can't be sired into a game family. That alone would depress me and kind of not make me want to really play. If it is not written out in FAQ stating such then anyone 1000 or over should be allowed the same Sire/Foster opportunies as everyone else who is eligible.

  • Crystal Hollywood

    This is beyond ridiculous!!! Firstly, with 3 pendulums in place and a possibility of them adding more, then they expect more players will be going well beyond level 1000 to achieve these benchmarks. So why the hell won't they allow players that high to get new Sires? What happens if your current sire stops playing or shuts down their FB entirely? Then you're stuck with Trinity for the remainder of your vamping days? That's just stupid!!! As much as I love my Sire Richy, I had it in the back of my mind to take one of you bigger than me as a Foster when I hit 1000 and am worthy enough to make one of you proud to have me :) As a side note I also think they need to add a Level category in the overall LB's because so many are busting their asses to get to the big levels and because of all the work it takes to get there. This "invisible rule" needs to be booted to the curb and the Devs need to understand how much it will anger the higher players (like Grace is now) Happy players will continue to thrive and grow, pissed off players are more apt to tell them to shove the game up their asses. They need to appease the masses so yeah they need to change that.

  • Dianagrace Lorraine

    what harm can it do to let her and others at higher levels to be sired/change sires if they would like too?,  things happen and some times change can be needed as much as wanted , it won't break the game or cause an uproar it's just simple game play.. you want us to have fun and to love the game (she clearly does and has proven that ) all she is asking for is a new sire not a single player is going to see anything wrong with that so why would you all in dev land  , some are happy with their sires ..i am , hope you change it so that she can.

  • Susanne Klausz

    Hopefully it will be an easy fix, and will happen soon, so that Grace can have the Sire she desires.

  • Eric Northman

    Interesting findings. I am glad I have both of the sires that I do. 

    {QUOTE}.We see rewards and sanctums given to players for "recruiting" as many childes as possible, even if they really don't know that much abt the game or even play nearly as hard in the game as other players..{UNQUOTE}


    What a cheap shot if you are referring to Darla or myself.Try recruiting  players daily for 6 months of your time that you could be playing the game.Bringing 500 new players to VDS x 2 ( Darla & NM) was no easy feat, try it .Of course that is not everyone's goal, having a House for those of us who reached that goal, comments like the one you just made shows nothing but an underlying disrespect.


    Grace I apologize for the detour. I hope you get the sire you desire.

  • Claudia David

    The game has evolved through the years and if not being able to be a childe after level 1000 was part of the original design, it's time for VDS to change that. There are many players now over level 1000 and many more to come. If a level over 1000 has a sire that purges, they will have no ability to be part of family again and be forced to remain sireless. I hope the VDS staff is reading these posts to see that the players of the game want this to change. 

  • Samantha Jane Sale

    I forgot to add yesterday that we do appreciate that you are very busy and have had a lot more on since you introduced the Prowling element to the game (big props on that, everyone seems to love it) and it may be some extra work that you had not anticipated but I think this really struck a chord with most of us as Grace is a really loved and respected player in the game, that was before it dawned on everyone the implications for themselves and their families. Anyway I also forgot to say pretty please and thank you for all the hard work you do and I really hope that these issues can be resolved to the benefit if everyone in the game.

    Peace out.

    Black Betty Bamalam

  • Tricia Neebar

    Every vampire should be entitled to have a sire , it matters not the age or lvl. It gives players pause in thinking of their future game play. many have out leveled their sires,if they should choose to have another sire then should they jump on that chance b4 they hit 1000? as it will no longer be an option? smh that's rubbish. the game has evolved since inception an continues to do so... this archaic rule should be changed.

    Also on the matter of age .....You must be higher in age than the player you wish to adopt....

    This too needs to be looked at. As I stated b4 there are many players who out leveled their counterparts , a lvl 300 vamp at 2000 age who wants a lvl 800 age 1400 to be its sire cannot have this choice as the lvl 800 can't "see" the other on the adoption list due to the age restriction. It should be higher age or higher level.

    These things need to be looked at. With the changes being brought forward an the advancement of players , these kinds of "rules"serves only to hinder progress by restricting and punishing higher lvls for their hard work.


    please consider devs... thank you 

  • Stevie P Palmer

    Well....i am very very disappointed and surprised that a game like VDS has made such a basic error in misrepresenting its higher level players that do not have a sire and wish to join a family .  This is something that needs to be changed for the good of it's higher level players, players that are nearing that level, for the good standing of the game devs, the game and as a business...And players need to know of this since there seems to be a critical lack of information regarding this silly rule......Really VDS!! This aint going away any time too soon. You owe the players at higher level some loyalty for staying in the game so long and being so dedicated.

  • Ana-Maria Casvean

    The limit of age is already bad enough, but stopping 1000 level players from changing their sires like everyone else is a bit too much. A sire is not only there for sharing knowledge, and while in the beginning that might be one of the main reasons one looks for a sire...a level 1000+ most definitely doesn't  need a sire to help them in the game. However, this game is very social thus a sire is more than just a virtual library of knowledge about the game, not only do they become very close to their childes (it's inevitable) but they usually come with a full family. It's unfair to cut someone out of this just because they have busted their little fingers off to reach level 1000. :( 

  • Grace Forlenza

    Current Status: Eligible for Adoption!!   Thank you Devs for listening to the players and granting my wish!   Also Thank you to everyone who has sent tickets and commented on this post.   The Queen is forever grateful.  

  • Jennifer Brown

    Thank you DEVs for fixing this! And thank everyone for their support. 

    I believe we all agree that we just want every one to be able to have a family in this game. It makes all the difference when you can have fun with friends. In some cases they become closer than real life friends. 



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