Are you looking to Adopt a Childe?
Here's the low-down:

  • The Elder tier is the only tier who can adopt children.
    If you aren't an Elder yet, you will find this privilege waiting for you when you get there!

  • To adopt a new childe, you can visit the "Vamp Adoption" feature (accessible on the home page button) and there you will see all the vamplings looking for a new sire who are eligible to be adopted on the left hand side.

  • You must be higher in age than the player you wish to adopt.

Red Blood and IP:
Available adoptees have an associated red blood and Instinct Point (IP) cost based on their calculated value, which is displayed on their eligibility card on the left hand Adoption column.

Each vampling has a unique cost value that you will need to be prepared to pay.
Once you press the "Make offer" button, you will have initiated the adoption request.

If you do not have enough red blood in your bank, the transaction can not be completed. The same goes for the required IP amount (IP amounts are displayed at the top of the adoption page).

Once you have made an offer, the potential adoptee will be able to see it and decide if you're the right sire for them. If not, they can decline. Should they accept, you become a new sire to your childe and will reap the benefits just as if they were your childe from the start.


Additional Details

  • You cannot adopt yourself.

  • If you have been newly adopted, you cannot be adopted again unless your sire becomes inactive for 30 days and 90 days pass from the day you were adopted.

  • If you have been newly sired, you also cannot be fostered until 90 days have passed. (Fostering details in the next section)

  • Newly adopted children will count toward "House" numbers.

  • If you are currently IN A HOUSE, and you choose to opt-in and are successfully adopted by someone who is NOT a descendent of that house, you will lose the lineage attachment to that house.

  • You can now see who you have offers in on, and you have the ability to withdraw offers that you have made if you so choose.

  • Available Adoptees now have active links from their eligibility card to their profile page for better communication.

  • If you opt to disown a childe you have adopted, no IPs are returned to you.

  • If a childe abandons you, only a red blood amount is returned. You receive no IPs.
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