Being Adopted

What is Adoption?

Adoption is an optional feature created to help keep active players playing together. The purpose of the adoption feature is to aid active, eligible players that have an inactive Sire.

In essence Adoption is a complete Sire replacement. If you are successfully adopted, your original sire cannot be recovered.

All players are "Opted Out" of the adoption feature by default. If you wish to change this you can visit the Adoption page and choose to opt in if you so wish to be put on the "available" list.

You can access the Adoption feature by visiting your Home page and clicking the Vamp Adoption button.

You have the choice to opt in or out of the adoption process at any time.

So you want to be Adopted?
Here's what you need to know:

Your Current Status must be marked as Eligible for adoption on the adoption page.

  • If you are level 1-19, you are not eligible for adoption. This is to prevent potential exploits as well as to prevent new children from accidental opt-ins while exploring the game.

  • Your Sire must be inactive for 30 consecutive days or longer, or, if your Sire is one of the Dark Trinity characters, you are eligible to be adopted.

  • If you have been previously adopted or fostered in the last 90 days, you will have to wait until 90 days have passed from the adoption/foster date to be re-adopted or fostered.

    Note: The 90 day wait is to prevent potential abuse of this feature.

If you've made it this far and know you meet the criteria for being Adopted, be sure to "Opt In" so others can see you on the Adoption list! Once you've done that you'll have the opportunity to start receiving offers from potential new Sires. These offers will appear in the "Fostering and Adoption Offers" area.

You can Accept or Decline any offer made, but once you accept, you are officially joined with your new sire and all other offers will disappear, so be sure you've chosen wisely!  This agreement between you and your Sire cannot be undone by you if you decide you made a mistake later. (Unless your Sire agrees to disown you, which they do not have to do.)  Again-  CHOOSE WISELY!

If at any time you decide you'd rather not be adopted, and haven't accepted any offers after opting in, simply return to the Vamp Adoption button on your home page, click it, then select "Opt out."

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