Relics: Overview

Relics are ancient and powerful artifacts that are bestowed on you during gameplay. They offer temporary enhancements to your character for a certain periods of time.

There are many Relics in the game. You can attain them through fighting and completing missions. As well, if your Childe finds a relic is is bestowed upon you.

Relics will be highlighted on the top of the Fight page when found. Relics will expire after a limited time to become available for another player to find. There is also a minimum level and age requirement that must be met before a Relic can be found.

Most relics last for 1 hour, though some last less.

Relics List
Each of the Relics affects the game play in different ways. Listed below are the Relics and their effect.

Drakul's Armour: Adds +50 to Defense
Duration: 1hr

Fist of Caine: Adds +50 to Attack.
Duration: 1hr

Lillith's Pact: Unlocks Day Walker missions (high XP +Rares)
Duration: 1hr

Cup of Judas:
Offers 25% More Blood from Slaves
Duration: 1hr

Blood Poison: Kills any incoming attacker for the duration
Duration: 10mn
*Two players having BP and attack each other will result in mutual death.

Eye of Providence: Every bounty visible. Also see those with Talon.
Duration: 1hr

7 Locks of Samson: Increases strength to inflict extreme damage!
Duration: 1hr

Talon of Andilaveris: Renders the wearer temporarily Invisible.
Duration: 15mn
*Must be at least level 90 and at least age 150 to receive

Judgment of Solomon: Shares other gained relics with clan-mates
Duration: 12hrs

Sceptre of Janus: Imbues the vampire with Doubled Experience gains
Duration: 10mn


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