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The following is a log of all Vampires: The Darkside changes, revisions, and updates. If you have a question about an update, please submit a new ticket request.


• Prowling bosses has seen an update:
> Topside bosses of all difficulty now have an increased
chance to drop permissions to the next location

• Magenta Rune has been realigned. Rewards have been revised
based on community feedback.
> Titanic Sanctum is now available from Magenta Runes
> Unique powers are now available from Magenta Runes
> R & E points have been significantly increased
> FP & IP points have been significantly increased
> Dark Ultra Orbs have been removed
> XP has been remove
> Runes: Quality & Contents article has been updated
> Titanic Sanctum preview available here.


• Runes rewards has seen an update:
> White Rune Red Blood rewards are now 30k - 75k, up from
15k - 50k
> Magenta Rage & Energy points rewards are now 300 - 500,
up from 200 - 300


• Feature Addition: "Runesinger"
> Runes now drop *very rarely* in open gameplay
> Runes can be found & transformed in Town > Runes
> CSD has been updated with Runesinger section
• The Council has seen an update. You may now:
> Purchase Council Powers with decreased pricing
> Purchase Vintage Council Powers with decreased pricing
> Purchase any of (3) packages of Runes (Council > Strengthen)
> Purchase Vintage and Council powers in bulk (dropdown)

• Game Rebalance: Clan Requirements
> Clan is now max at 1000 (+1/you). Up from 500 (+1/you)
> New players will now receive +10 NPC Clan every level until 75
> All players with a previous 501 Clan updated to 1001 Clan

• Town page has seen an update. You may now enjoy:
 > Visiting Hemoglobal to Bank your Red blood
 > Visiting the Hall of Physickers to aid in your Healing
 > Visiting Sind'Ra the Runesinger to find and transform your runes

• Free Prowls has seen an update:
> Free prowls have been changed to (8) times every (6)hours,
equaling 32 prowls every 24hrs. Up from (8) times every (12)

• NPC Fighters [Dummies] have been rebalanced
 > Many NPC Fighters have been re-powered


• Moved Sceptre of Janus from Prowling-only to open gameplay
Players can now acquire SOJ as all other relics


• Fixed bug that was displaying player's Health numbers in fight 
dialog while using the Legendary Devil's Backbone power. Player
Health no longer displays in fight dialog


• Added "Battle Booth" menu in Catacombs > Passage 4.
Players can now acquire and accrue Battle Tickets in War events
to fuse in Battle Booth for weird rewards.


• Fixed multiple instances of incorrect Prowling recipe ingredients
> Heads in Prowling Achievements now display as intended
> Heads in Prowling Powers now displaying as intended
> "Sacrificial Heads" recipe now includes SOD x1 to avoid
conflicts with "Legendary Lacerator" achievement


• Facebook Compliance: Updated to Graph API v2.1
> FB Friend Selector updated to newest version
> Can no longer see Real Names of Clan


• Added Devourables Amnt Rebalance
• Added Prowling Slaves
• Added Prowling Filters to Cat 4
• Added Prowling Recipes
> Achievements
> Spells
> Collectables
Added Legendary Powers
• Minor Graphical updates
• Back-end Preparations for Prowling
• General Maintenance

See Beta Patch Notes for more details

Known Issues:
[resolved] Publishes - Incorrect FB Publish display
[resolved] Home - Prowling Alert is constant


• Added Instinct Point Purchasing [Council/Home]
• Added Sire Emancipation option

Additional Details:
Read here for Sire Emancipation details.

IP Purchasing now from Smart Menu + Council > Replenish


• Updates to Regency Requirements

Additional Details:
Regents are no longer bound to Active Player Number reqs.
All related knowledge base articles in section updated.


• Routine Maintenance
• Minor graphic update to pop-ups.
• Deprecated Smart Buttons - replaced with Darkside Smart Menu

Additional Details:
Menu as announced on our Project Roadmap.
Menu Visual Tutorial can be found here.


• Updates for Instinct Points conversion

Additional Details:
Conversion from UEP to IP as announced on our Project Roadmap.
Detailed information on conversion can be found here.

• Changes for Facebook API 2.0 [FB requirement]
Additional Details:
Read here For more information on Facebook API 2.0



• Removal of UEP Power Purchases

Additional Details:
As part of currency conversion | Unearthed Points to
Instinct Points.
Note to players: to maximize your amount of future new
currency, please use the following weeks before conversion to
sell all unwanted UEP.
• Ability to sell UEP powers will continue until conversion
date [to be announced].

• Display of total UEP Amounts can be found on Adoption page.
• Currency Conversion is in support of the Prowling feature.


• Info Feed Patch

Additional Details:
Combat feed records extended from 4hrs to 8hrs.

• Altercation Support - Profile Comment Visibility

Additional Details:
Profile comment wall posts now have visibility options.
Choose between:
• Public
• Public + No NPC [no NPC comments]
• Private
• Clan Only
See this Article for more.


• Routine Maintenance

• Info Feed Patch
Additional Details:
No longer reverts to Combat tab when using Assists tab.
Note: assists created previous to our update will not use the new
• Altercation Support - Comment Filtering

Additional Details:
Profanity filter added to Feed & Profile commenting areas.


• Revised Clan Page
Additional Details:
Layout improvements, Filtering Improvements. Telepathic
Transmissions deprecated (replaced with 'Screams' - see next).
Clan tab now also displays Facebook name where available by user.

• Changes to Information Feed

Additional Details:
Split and organized all Feed data into 3 tabbed sections.
Added new 'Screams' (clan chat) functionality into a 4th tab.
Please see this article for more information.

• Commenting to Trinity disabled

Additional Details:
Trinity comments are now permanently disabled due to the abundance
of abusive player content.


• Rolled out Memento Mori Sanctums to memorialize deceased players

Additional Details:
Sanctums are not available to the public. Manually applied to
player-accounts of those people who are deceased. Comments closed
out of respect for the dead.

Please submit a new ticket to inform us of any players who are
deceased and do not have this sanctum applied to their account.


• Routine Maintenance
• Council Page Additions + Improvements
• Resolved Issues with Boss Battles
• Resolved Issues with Invite Friends Tab

Additional Details:
Council: Page revised to Tab-filtering format
Council: Added Fusion Bundle purchase option
Council: Added 1/2 refill option Rage & Energy
Invites: Purged Players included in selector


• VSN News & Archives Changeover Completed

Additional Details:
VSN News is now deprecated. Players will only
receive Event pages ingame. Archives rebranded.


• Fixed Do-Again button breaking for some players [Fusion] • Removed FP & UEP placeholders from Catacombs 3

Additional Details:
Placeholders were from deprecated event and
caused confusion from actual FP & UEP Amounts.


• Result-dialog Rage purchase • Result-dialog Health purchase
• Fixed floating footer in Catacombs 3
• Faster Devourable consumption
• Vintage Council Power added (Home)
• Discipline added to Council/Vintage (Home)
• Special Kill (CP Finishing Moves)

Additional Details:
Special Kill: See knowledge-base article here
for information


• Fusion: returned Do Again button • Fusion: amount owned in tooltip on images • Fusion: more filters (Sets, events, Secret Recipes) Additional Details: Updates added from community feedback.
See knowledge-base article here
for instructions


• Vamporium Revision (now called Necromagical Fusion) Additional Details: Complete restructure for ease of use.
See knowledge-base article here
for instructions


• Blood Poison Improvements [Mutual Blood Poison] Additional Details: When a player with Blood Poison attacks another
player with Blood Poison it results in mutual death
• Preparations for Vamporium Revision Additional Details: Full release coming in a future update


• User Generated Profile Pictures Option (Gravatar Implementation)
Additional Details:
New implementation + User Security
See Knowledge base article here for instructions


• Blood Poison Relic Improvements
Additional Details:
Duration is now 10 minutes
Kills any incoming attacker game-wide
No longer shared from Childe to Sire
No longer shared through JoS

• AI Behavior implemented on Artificial Players
Additional Details: 
Artificial Intelligence [AI] added to  Artificial Players [AP]
AI/AP will conduct human-like gameplay behavior

• Additional Level-Up Skill Point [SP] checking (Security update)
• Quantity increase for all Relics
[Missed log - actual update 5-28-14, logged 6-1-14]
• Shared Relic Expiration Time in Feed Additional Details: Shared relics now list expiration time by HH:MM


• Routine Maintenance
• FB (Breaking Changes) Compliance Testing


For a look at our future plans for VDS, please see our Project Roadmap article.

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