Becoming an Omni Regent

The path to Omni-Regency is hard, but its ends justify the means. As an Omni Regent, you hold title over an official Minor Bloodline, founded and named by you, with all of the honor, rewards, and presence that any royalty should have.

Ready to find out how? Let's look at the definitions of the regency type, the requirements needed, and rules that must be abided by.

House Type:Omni-Regency
Regency Title: Omni Regent
Lineage Type: Minor Bloodline
Symbol Color: Gold

Conditions To Qualify:

• You, alone, must sire 500 unique Childe.

Creation Requirements:
• Omni Regent decides Minor Bloodline name
Note: Unicode characters only allowed before and after Minor Bloodline name.

• Omni Regent decides on Minor Bloodline symbol
Note: House symbol art is supplied by Development.

• Qualifying Omni Regent must submit a new Ticket Request before their regency and Minor Bloodline will be created.

• Once a Sire takes their seat as an Omni Regent, they may not downgrade to Co-regency under any circumstances.

2015 Update:
Minor Bloodlines are no longer bound by active player number requirements.

Benefits of the Omni Regent:
• Official title of Omni Regent

• 1 Omni Regent Power Sanctum

We know you may not always want to be lavished in gold, so it only makes sense that you've got options. For this reason, Omni Regents will also receive the House Regent power sanctum!

This exclusive Power Sanctum has been custom designed specifically for House Regents... but if you consider everyone in your Minor Bloodline to be a House, it'll work for you too!

Found only in the Inventories of other Regents, it comes in a commanding structure built of aged metals and embellished with all of the regal flourishes deserving of your title.

It includes a Regent-only, full-color banner with your Darkside title custom tailored with our official branding. To bring power together with the beauty of your Sanctum, it includes the outrageously powerful mental ability: Shared Omnipotence.

• 1 Omni Regent Slave - "Fangbanger"

• 1 Minor Bloodline symbol (custom graphic, gold)

• 1 Minor Bloodline Name

• Exclusive access to Lineage Page (displays Regent’s full lineage)

• Ability to send Screams only to Minor Bloodline members

• Minor Bloodline symbol is added to in game emote list to be used publicly

Additional Omni Regency Notes:
• Aside from Siring new players, Adoption is the only other means to acquire a new childe that counts towards building a Minor Bloodline. (Fostering does not count)

• Minor Bloodline Names will be displayed on the profiles of each person in the Regent's lineage, with the exception of any grandchilde who has created their own Regency. A grandchild with their own Regency will reflect their own House or Minor Bloodline name.

• Your Minor Bloodline name must be appropriate for public use. Use of special characters (Unicode) cannot be used in names. However, You are allowed one single special character before the name, and one single character after it.

• Because one sole vampire is responsible for siring it's Bloodline, their symbol will be displayed in gold, to match in color with Major Bloodline symbols.

•If for any reason the Minor Bloodline symbol cannot be determined by the Omni Regent, development can create and provide one.

• An Omni Regent may choose to dissolve their Bloodline at any time. The Omni Regent must Contact Development to dissolve their bloodline.

• Lineage page is accessible from Regent's Profile Page

• All qualifying Sires will undergo a thorough investigation for duplicate accounts during the qualification process. Duplicate accounts are not allowed in VDS. As well as disqualifying you from becoming a Regent, the discovery of them may result in other consequences.

When Your Descendants Become Regents
It is possible that a descendant of yours could attain regency of their own House or Minor bloodline. The following lists the current rules surrounding this:

• A qualified descendant of a Co-Regency or Omni-Regency are able to have their own, new and separate House. This could be either a new Co-Regency or an Omni-Regency

• The regent-descendant will still be counted as a descendant of their Sire’s house and therefore count towards their Sire’s House numbers.

• Any regent-descendant who appears in the lineage pages of their original Sire, will also appear in the lineage of their own House or Minor Bloodline.

• If a qualified descendant of a Co-Regency or Omni-Regency creates a new regency, all previous Sire’s regency tags* are replaced with the Descendant's new regency Tags.
*Regency Tags are displayed as "House tags" in the Fight Display Options.

• All rules applied to normal Omni or House Regency apply the same to the descendant as they would to anyone.

Additional details:

  • Developers of Vampires: The Darkside or any employee of Kwaai Software are not eligible for Regencies of any type.

  • Once a Minor Bloodline or House Name is chosen, it cannot be changed unless the Regency is dissolved.

  • Once a Minor Bloodline or house symbol is created, it cannot be changed unless the Regency is dissolved.

  • Out of respect for their being the fore-bearers of Darkside Regency, the first two of our Darkside Regents will retain their original benefits along with the relative regency items listed above. Therefore their Assets and Sanctum collections will display slight differences from all others.
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