Becoming a Co-Regent

The path to Co-regency is certainly challenging, but by far the most accessible. As a Co-regent (or a House Regent, as they should be known individually), you and your fellow Co-regent would share title over an official House, founded and named by you, with all of the honor, rewards, and presence that any cooperative heads of House should have.

Ready to find out how? Let's look at the definitions of the regency type, the requirements needed, and rules that must be abided by.

House Type: Co-Regency
Regency Title: House Regent(s) or Co-Regent(s)
Lineage Type: House
Symbol Color: Silver

Conditions To Qualify:
• You and another player must have a combined number of unique Childe that equal 500. The exact numbers of each sire can differ to any degree, so long as the total sum of combined children equals 500.

Ex. Vamp_0 has 230 childe, and Winged1 has 270 childe. Their combined children equal 500, meaning that together they qualify for Co-regency.

• You and another player must both agree to share a Co-regency with one another in order to be recognized as House Regents to your new House.

Creation Requirements:
• Co-Regents unanimously agree on House Name
Note: Unicode characters only allowed before and after House Name.

• Co-Regents unanimously agree on House symbol
Note: House symbol art is supplied by Development.

• Both qualifying House Regents must submit a new Ticket Request before their shared regency and House will be created.

Post House Creation Rules:
• Co-regents will enter a no-exception Binding Period of 180 days (6 months) before the House can be dissolved.

• After the six month Binding Period, a Co-Regency can agree to dissolve the House.

• Co-Regents (one or both) may individually qualify for Omni-regency. After the Binding Period has passed, the Co-regency must be agreeably dissolved in order for either qualifying regent to upgrade their status to Omni Regent.

2015 Update:
Houses are no longer bound to an active player number requirement.

Benefits for each Co-Regent:
• Official title of House Regent (aka Co-Regent)

• 1 House Regent Power Sanctum

Sanctum Name: House Regent
This exclusive, regent-only Power Sanctum has been custom designed specifically for House Regents. Found only in the Inventories of other Regents, it comes in a commanding structure built of aged metals and embellished with all of the regal flourishes deserving of your shared titles.

It includes a Regent-only, full-color banner with your Darkside title custom tailored with our official branding. To bring power together with the beauty of your Sanctum, it includes the outrageously powerful mental ability: Shared Omnipotence.

• 1 House Insignia symbol (custom made, silver)

• 1 House Name

• Exclusive Profile page access to Lineage Page (displays Regent’s full lineage)

• Ability to send Screams only to House members

• House symbol is added to in game emote list to be used publicly Additional Co-regency Notes:
• Aside from Siring new players, Adoption is the only other means to acquire a new childe that counts towards building a House. Fostering does not count.

• House Names will be displayed on the profiles of each person in the Regent's lineage, with the exception of any grandchilde who has created their own Regency. A grandchild with their own Regency will reflect their own House or Minor Bloodline name.

• Your House name must be appropriate for public use. Use of special characters (Unicode) cannot be used in House names. However, You are allowed one single special character before the House name, and one single character after it.

• Because it takes two vampire to create a Co-regency, this does not qualify them to have created a Minor Bloodline. Therefore a Co-regency's House symbol will be displayed in silver. (See House vs Minor Bloodline in the final section below for more)

•If for any reason the House symbol cannot be determined or agreed upon by the Co-Regents, development can create and provide one.

• Both House Regents of a Co-regency must agree unanimously in order to dissolve a House. Each regent must then individually submit a new Ticket Request in writing for verification.

• All qualifying Sires will undergo a thorough investigation for duplicate accounts during the qualification process. Duplicate accounts are not allowed in VDS. As well as disqualifying you from becoming a Regent, the discovery of them may result in other consequences.


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