Special Missions (Daywalker and Trinity)


You'll notice there are two other sets of missions in your Missions page. These are special missions that can be performed only by special circumstances.


They are listed as:

Daywalker missions

The Daywalker Missions are special missions that only unlock when you've attained the rare Relic drop Lillith's Pact.

With Lillith's Pact, there are 3 levels of the Daywalker missions that will open as you grow your vamp.  Each of these missions provide an abundant return of XP when you do them.  Performing these missions also brings the chance to find very rare drops, as well as normal blood and experience rewards.


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Trinity missions

These special missions are only available when you've aligned with a Dark Trinity member in our BloodRise feature. Performing these missions gain large amounts of black blood for your Bloodrise quest!


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