Morgue: Player Stories

The Morgue showcases Darkside or vampire-related short stories and poetry written by the VDS community.

If you have an original story that fits within our short guidelines that you would like to share, send it to us and we'll display it in the Stories Section of the Vampire Lounge.

Guidelines for Submissions:

1. Your work cannot contain ANY copyrighted material.
This includes characters, character names, names of published fictional places, and/or direct lines from authors in any media. Reference lines and parody tributes will be accepted at our discretion.

2. Your theme must be that of Vampires.
We prefer stories that relate to the game or your VDS character, but others are acceptable.

3. You are responsible for all proof reading.
If your spelling/grammar is terrible we will not correct it.

Note: While we wil make every attempt to do so, we cannot guarantee that your original formatting will be kept.

4. Please keeo content 'PG 13'.
Your TOS agreement with Kwaai Software also governs your writing content, therefore your content cannot contain slander or abuse toward the game or other players, extreme graphic content, explicit sexual content, or any content that we may deem inappropriate for VDS.

5. By offering a submission you also understand:
A) you are agreeing to allow Kwaai Software to publicly display your writing. B) Kwaai Software is not responsible for theft, reproduction, or any other damages caused to you by displaying your work. C) If your submission is received, we are not obligated to display, or retain the display of your work for any length of time. We do so at only at our discretion.

6. You must include your actual name, submission title, and submission content.

7.  Please submit a new ticket request with all of the required informaiton listed above, and your complete submission with the words "Story Submission" in the title.
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