Bloodrise & Black Blood

Introduction (Lore)
Caine, Lillith and Andilaveris are the oldest, most powerful vampires on the Darkside. Together they represent the origins of all vampire and thus they are most commonly refered to as the Dark Trinity.

Because any vampire can trace their lineage to one of these three great lords, they command respect of all who exists on the Darkside. Apart from your respect and admiration, however, they do have motives. Their main quest is always to increase their individual powers... and Black Blood is one very well known way for them to grow and enhance their strengths.

Black Blood is the richest blood in the Darkside universe. This is because it's not the blood of a mere human, but the blood of a vampire! It contains trace essences of the vampire from which it came, and often is laced with that vampire's memories, skills, and general power

So it is that they request that you impart your honor to them by participating in the Bloodrise element of VDS!

As well as showing your honor and allegiance to the Trinity, you'll earn many rewards along the way. The largest of these are very unique powers that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. This is a difficult quest to beset, and takes some time to fully complete... but is quite worth the time! As well, you can continually participate as many times as you like.


Getting Started
First you must "Align" your character with the Trinity member of your choice. Once aligned, you may begin showing your devotion to your selected lord by offering them vials filled with Black Blood.

Collect Black Blood by fighting players who are aligned with a different Trinity member, or by doing Trinity special missions.

    1. Enter by selecting the "Fight" link, then selecting the "Bloodrise" tab

    2. Align by choosing the character that you're the most interested in honoring.
       It's your personal preference when aligning, there is no "best" choice.

    Note that if you happen to have one of the Trinity members in your clan, you will not be able to attack them, however you may continue to attack any normal vampires who are aligned with them.

    3. Begin collecting Black Blood.
    You can do so by performing your choice of these actions:

    • Publish your request for Black Blood assistance. This will send a feed message to your friends on facebook, and your clan will help you out! (You can publish an assistance request 1 time every 12 hours)

    • Fight other vampire who are aligned with a different Trinity member than you. This rewards you with black blood only during your successful attacks.

    • Trinity missions can be accessed by Selecting the "Missions" link, then the "Trinity" tab. There you can participate in missions to honor your aligned lord. Successful missions reward in black blood.

    • Attack and Steal from opposing Trinity lords. Attack an opposing lord on the Bloodrise tab by selecting their corresponding "Attack" button. This will bring you to their private Sanctum, where you may attack at will.

You cannot ever defeat a Trinity member, but as you attack you may steal black blood and many other rewards during your attempts.


Filling Vials
As you collect Black Blood, the black BloodRise vial relative to whom you're aligned with will automatically fill. When this small vial is at last entirely full, it will automatically empty it's contents into the golden Offering vial.

At this moment the Trinity will recognize your Offering, and they will instantly refill your Energy and Rage, as well as rewarding you with an Elite Slave*.

But the Trinity are not without their tests of allegiance! At this exact same time they will release you from your alignment to them, leaving you aligned with no one, to see if you will choose them again.

After this "reset" by the Trinity, you'll want to choose to align with a Trinity member again**, or you will no longer collect Black Blood, and likewiuse your opponents will not be able to collect Black Blood from their attacks on you.

*The amount of Elite Slaves you currently own (as well as how many you are currently using), are listed at the top of your "Slaves" page.

**It is perfectly acceptable to choose the same Trinity lord as many times as you want, but in doing so you'll be missing out on specific missions and rewards from the others in the Trinity.


Understanding Vial Totals
On the BloodRise page, the golden Offering vial displays an amount of Black Blood beneath it. Because this Offering vial creates a link between yourself and the might Trinity, when purchasing a Trinity Specific or Black Blood power (see next section) this is the only total that can be deducted from.

The small Black vial's total is only there to help alert you as to how much further you have before it is ready to be transferred.


Special Powers

You may have noticed there are powers specific to Black Blood. These rare powers, located for purchase in each Discipline on the "Powers" page, are attainable only by participating in the Bloodrise feature. They are separated into two categories:

    Trinity Specific Powers

    Black Blood Powers

Purchasing Trinity Specific Powers
Each new Elite Slave you attain will automatically cover a portion of upkeep cost of any Trinity Specific power.

Initially Trinity Powers will require a total of 3 Elite slaves to cover upkeep, but the cost on each of the powers does go up each time you buy one! As an example, this means there are times where you might have 3 Elite Slaves but not yet enough Black Blood to buy the power. Keep your eye on the cost and your Offering totals!


Purchasing Black Blood Powers
Unlike the Trinity powers, each new Elite Slave you attain will automatically cover the entire upkeep cost of any Black Blood power.

The Black Blood costs of these powers will also increase with each purchase. In the same example as above, this means there are times where you might have 1 Elite Slave but not yet enough Black Blood to buy the power. Keep your eye on the cost and your Offering totals!


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