I've messed up my skill points. Now what?

Being unhappy with the way you've built your character can be frustrating, but all is not lost! 

The Long Game Rebuild
With dedication and perseverance, you can turn your character around. You only need to level up! As you gain more levels you also gain more skill points. Use them to begin beefing up the skill areas you want to be stronger.

Using this method, you will eventually have your character exactly where you want.

Starting Over
If you feel that you don't have the patience to adjust your build in the long-game/later levels, your recourse is to start over. This is done by deleting your character and entering the game anew.

Note that starting over is a full reset to your account. You'll have to rebuild everything from scratch, including your clan!

No Reallocating
Please remember that there is no reallocation of skill points in VDS, and to date, the developers do not intend to implement this as a feature. The reason for this is in part due to the unlimited leveling system, but more importantly so that other players can't flip-flop their builds on you on the fly.

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