3rd Party Cookies

VDS Requires 3rd Party Cookie Exceptions
VDS uses a uniquely powerful security technology which encrypts, stores and tracks your ingame ID. This security method requires 3rd party cookie exceptions are made for VDS.

To from to keep your computer as safe as possible using the web, we recommend enabling 3rd party cookies only for VDS.

Having 3rd party cookies disabled in your browser can cause many issues in VDS, from poor performance to strange behavior, all the way up to being unable to play at all.

The effects of 3rd party cookies being disabled are unpredictable. For example you may have been playing VDS for a long while without issue, then all of sudden it just seems everything is broken. Ensuring 3rd party cookies are accepted for VDS will solve many of these issues.

Enabling 3rd Party Cookies
The following are instructions to enable Third Party Cookies in various browsers. After completing the instructions, please press F5 to reload your page. Alternately, some browsers may require a restart for the settings to take place.

Note that we no longer support Internet Explorer. We recommend Chrome of Firefox for the best playing experiecne.

Mozilla Firefox v57+

    Choose Options
    Choose Privacy & Security
    Under History, use the dropdown to choose Use Custom Settings for History
    Make sure the Accept Cookies from Websites is check marked
    Choose Exceptions
Under Address of Website, paste in
    Choose Save Changes

Google Chrome v64+

    Choose Settings at the top right
    Choose Adavanced
    Under Privacy & Security, choose Content Settings
    Choose Cookies
    Choose Allow all cookies
    Under Allow, choose Add, then paste in
    Choose Add

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