Powers: Basic

Red Blood Power Costs & Upkeeps
While some of the lower level powers have an upkeep of 0, a majority of powers do have an initial Cost and an Upkeep. But what exactly is Cost and Upkeep?

A one-time blood amount paid to purchase the single power. The cost is deducted from your income at the moment of purchase.

A regular blood amount that is paid to maintain the power. The upkeep cost is deducted from your income each hour.

It is important to watch your cashflow. If an instance happens that you can no longer afford the upkeep costs, your powers will be automatically sold to cover the difference, starting with the highest upkeep powers first.

Of course not all powers can be purchased. Some are earned in Missions of Darkness and simply from Fighting. There are also those that are gifts earned by pleasing The Council, others that are rewarded for Focusing in the Sphere of Dark Essence, and even more still that are rewards for other in-game features such as sparring with the Trinity, Live Gaming Events and many more.

Note that some non-purchasable powers may have an upkeep cost. Keep your eyes peeled!

Bloodlines specialize in different groups of powers. These groups are called Disciplines.

On the Powers page in-game your powers are organized by these Disciplines. Find them by simply selecting the designated tabs on the Powers page.

The Power Disciplines are:

This Discipline houses powers that use physical strength.

This Discipline houses powers that require the vampire's mind.

This Discipline houses powers from the supernatural realm.

Each power has points are called stats (short for statistics), Stat points help you to determine in what ways the power can be useful to you. Each power's stats are broken up into two categories:

Displays a numerical attack rating for the power.

Displays a numerical defensive rating for the power.

Each power's stat points are different. In general you'll find that there are 3 common weights: powers that are higher in attack, powers that are higher in defense, and some that are evenly weighted between attack and defense.

The higher the stat point, the more powerful it is in that stat category. As you level up, newer and stronger powers will become available. Ideally you'll want the keep the strongest powers you have available as your main arsenal.

Arming Your Clan / Amounts of Each Owned Power
When fighting another player you must arm your clan with your powers. To do so you must have one power from each Discipline for each member of your Clan.

That means each person in your clan requires you to have 1 physical power, 1 mental power, 1 supernatural power. Having enough powers in each Discipline to cover your entire Clan is a very important factor to the success in your battle.

For example if you have 188 clan, you should have:

188 Physical powers
188 Mental powers
188 Supernatural powers

Keep in mind that your Clan can grow to significantly high numbers, but you'll only ever need to equip a max of 501. As your clan is growing, be sure you check back with your powers often to have all of your new Clan covered!

This article is continued in Powers: Intermediate

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