Missions of Darkness: Overview


What is a Mission of Darkness?
Simply put, a 'Mission" is an in-game task. However, in the world of VDS your missions come to you as a great book that chronicles the details and happenings of your unlife. To help you get more familiar with the Darkside, you'll want to know the terminology. The following will cover this, as well as define some basics for you to assist your journey into the Missions of Darkness!


1 Chapter 1 Mission
1 Act 1 sub-mission
1 Book 1 full tier of Missions
1 Volume All 5 Books


The Breakdown

There are several Books on the Missions page, and each book contains several chapters and acts. At the time of this writing, Books begin at "Book 1" and End at "Book 5". New books will unlock naturally as you progress through each chapter.

Successful performance of each chapter offers basic rewards such as Red Blood and Experience. How much of each is listed just above the "Attempt" button... and some chapters offer the chance of a special rare power drop (these are not listed on the chapters)!

Chapters can seem a little confusing at first, but once you see that each chapter has two special and identifiable qualities, they become much easier.

The two identifiers are:

1. A simple Pass/Fail system.
Successfully "Passing" a chapter can be easy. In order to do a chapter, you need only the required items and enough energy to do a chapter. Take special note of the mission tips. Normally, the minimal required items will not pass the chapter. You may need more of the required items.

A Passed chapter will be denoted by an open coffin in the upper right of your desired Chapter.

A Failed or unpassed chapter is denoted by a closed coffin in the upper right corner.

Failed chapters are the result of not having the enough of the required items. The Requirements are listed to the right of your desired chapter's picture.

*Please note that Passing a chapter is only how you determine which chapter you've completed with the Requirements for your desired chapter. Passing a chapter does not unlock a new chapter.

When you attempt a chapter, note whether or not the coffin has opened. If it has not opened, you WILL need to obtain additional required and/or score items.

2. Scoring system.
The scoring system is what determines your chapter being "Complete".

You will find that you will have to perform the same chapter several times in order to complete it. Each chapter has a Goal Score listed in the top right of your desired chapter.

An Example of Scoring:

Your Goal Score from Book 1, Chapter 1, is: 0 / 1000

0 = your current accumulative overall score. 1000 = your Goal Score.

As you "Attempt" chapters, you will receive a prompt message that contains not only a special message for your story, but also:

  • the score achieved for your attempt
  • the maximum score available to you for your respective chapter.

An imaginary example of this result could look like: 10/50

10 = your achieved score, 50 = the max score you can achieve in one attempt.

Part of the fun of your Missions of Darkness is learning how to achieve the highest possible score for the chapter you're working on. Here's a tip: the "Score Items" section is the key to improving your score on some of the missions, in addition to the required items. Experiment with the quantities of these, or ask a more experienced vampire for tips! Always remember to check to see if the coffin is open to ensure you have passed the chapter!

Unlocking New Chapters

New chapters will unlock at a required level. The required level is indicated in the uppper left corner of any locked chapter. If a chapter does not unlock at the required level it so states, you may be too young to have it opened. No fears, once you reach the required age, it will open.

Unlocks at Level 75

All chapters may be performed continuously, regardless of whether you've completed it! Some chapters have Acts associated to them (see below for more on acts).

An Act (sub mission)
Acts are small continuations of the stories presented in chapters.

Not all chapters have acts and there can be more than one act to a given chapter in some cases. These acts help to drive the plot of your story.

Acts are unlocked by successfully completing the goal score of its related Mission. "Passing" (as well as Completing) an act is no different than a chapter. The only exception to this are Special Acts.

Special Acts will present themselves as you progress.

In these special acts you'll have the opportunity to destroy a great threat to you. While performing special acts, please note that as well as requiring all of the normal mission requirements, any and all attacks are treated as a normal fight and will cost you 1 rage per attack.

Completing a special acts is sometimes difficult, but don't panic! You may just need to strengthen yourself some by leveling up and attempting it again.

A Volume (all books)

Completing an entire volume not only offers special rewards (up to volume 5*), but will completely reset all of your chapters. Resetting will return all of your goal scores to zero and set all of your pass/fail coffins to closed.

When you complete an entire volume, if it does NOT reset to the next volume, go back through each book and ensure that each chapter has an open coffin. The volume will NOT reset unless ALL coffins are open.

It will be as though you've never performed any of them, and from there you can relive your awesome vampiric experiences with new knowledge behind you!

*Please Note: Volume 5 is the last volume in Missions of Darkness. Upon the completion of Volume 5, you will no longer receive special rewards for completing volumes. The banner WILL not change from Volume 5 after it's completion. You will continue to see the Volume 5 banner, but again, after completing Volume 5 and receiving the rewards offered, you will no longer receive any of the special rewards.


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