Types of Powers

Keep in mind, powers are used in the vamporium/fusing sections. You might want to check there before selling off any powers that you no longer use in fighting or missions.*

 Powers by Type

There are technically only three types of powers on the Darkside. The following is a helpful list of the technical categories to guide you in your learning.

• Common
Common powers are located on the Powers page and are unlocked as you level up. Generally, each new power you unlock will grow in strength.

Common powers are purchased with Red Blood, and often have an upkeep associated with them. Upkeep on common powers vary depending on the power. As well as being purchasable, you can also sell common powers for a Red Blood return.

• Rare
Also called Rares, this type of power is technically any power that is not a Common power. Rares are found throughout the game, especially as rewards from fighting and missions. Some hard to attain rare can also be created by fusion.

Rares are typically stronger than the common powers in your level, and usually have an affordable upkeep. Most rares can be sold, which commonly happens when a lower-level rare is not being used in a fight.

• Black Blood
Black Blood are found on the Powers page and can only be purchased with Black Blood. There are only a few levels of Black Blood powers, and they only unlock at certain levels. For example, the first set is available at level 1, with the second becoming available at level 70.

Each time a Black Blood Power is purchased, the cost for the next is increased. Also, Black Blood powers have an upkeep of a different kind: they require the use of Black Blood Slaves. While the amount of these varies, any variety of this type of slave is acceptable.

• Legendary
Legendary are found on the Powers page and can only be attained by defeating a legendary enemy while Prowling. To learn more about Legendary powers and Prowling, see our Prowling Section.

Powers by Reference
The following is a list of powers are all technically in the Rare category, yet are commonly referred to by where they can be attained. Understanding this list will not only help avoid confusion while talking with others in the community, but will also help you understand how and where these powers are found.

Council Powers (or CP) are technically Rare powers. These are only available from the Council, and can be purchased using Favor Points on the Council page.

Council powers tend to have very high stats compared to other rares. Currently council powers cannot be sold, though council powers do not have an upkeep.

Fusion (Rare)
Fusion powers are technically rare powers. Most fusion powers can only be attained by creating them from a list of other powers and/or ingredients. Fusion powers can be created in the Catacombs, Tunnel 4.

While 90% of the powers created by fusing are only attainable by creation, there are some hard to attain rares normally found in game that can also be created this way. because fusion covers such a wide variety of powers, upkeep will vary dramatically from power to power.

Event (Rare)
Event powers are found only during participation of Live Gaming Events, with a variety of ways to attain them. Some can be won during fighting and missions, others are awarded for participation, while some still are given as prizes to a winning team.

Event powers can range from newly created rares, to those commonly found in the game. There are also Event-only Council powers available during event times that can't be accessed at any other time.

Legendary (Legendary)
Legendary powers can only be found in Prowling by defeating a legendary enemy. Like all other powers, legendary powers have combat stats and are fully equip-able by clan. However, unlike other powers, legendaries also come with a status effect that is only usable by the owner of the power.

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