Altercations: Permagraving

We are no longer investigating this type of ticket request.

What is it?
The highly controversial term, permagraving, is used to describe a common type of altercation between players. Specifically when one player keeps the other dead in-game. The length of time that this happens always varies, usually for minutes and occasionally up to a few hours.

Why Are You No Longer Investigating It?
Because we investigate the data behind every ticket, it has been the experience of Community Support and development that to date there has never been a time where permagraving has made it impossible for someone to play the game.

What Do I Do Now?
If you find yourself in the middle of this type of altercation, we ask that you please take a step back from your feelings and look at your situation objectively. This is usually best done by stopping to ask yourself some questions.

Are you healing? Can you fight other players? Can you Prowl? Can you perform missions? If you come back to your game in a few minutes or a few hours will you be able to play longer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your gameplay is not severely hampered.

Your next step is to remind yourself that you are likely in the middle of an altercation with another player. Not all altercations are provoked, but you should still ask yourself if you are doing anything to escalate the altercation and worsening your situation. If you find that you are, simply stop interacting with this person.

If your temper or concern is raised beyond normal points, step away from the game. Take a break and come back later. Many times letting time pass is an effective option.

If you feel like none of these options are working for you, then it's time to use the game to your advantage. Begin focusing your attention on building your vamp up so that this player can no longer defeat you.

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