Technical: Favor Point Issues

Favor Point Purchasing - Payment Successful
Facebook handles all payments. If your payment has successfully gone through to Facebook, but you have not received your Favor Points, please read below to see what information to include when submitting a Ticket Request.

Required Purchasing Information
When submitting this ticket type we require a screenshot of the corresponding Facebook receipt. Including this in your Ticket Request will expedite the process.

To access your Facebook receipt on Facebook, go to:

Settings - Payments - Purchase history

Locate the payment made for the missing Favor Points and click on the cost amount.  This will open up the receipt.

Once we have this information, we will investigate your account history to verify that there was an issue, and provide you help accordingly.

Note that your request will take longer to process without submitting your Facebook receipt, as we'll ask you for this information in your ticket. Without providing a Facebook receipt, we won't be able to process your request.

Favor Point Purchasing - Payment Unsuccessful
Facebook is in charge of handling your purchases. If your Favor Points purchase did not go through to Facebook, please contact Facebook and report the issue.

Use this link to Report a Payment Problem with Facebook

or Alternately:
• On your blue Facebook bar, click the carat to the right of the Lock icon
• Click Report a Problem.

Free Favor Point Offers - Missing Favors
TrialPay is in charge of handling our Offerwall. If you have completed a free offer from our Offerwall and didn’t receive your Favor Point(s), please:

• Return to the Council page in the game
• Click Earn Favors
• Click the Help link at the top

At the bottom you will see an ID number and a link to Contact Support. Please contact TrialPay directly, using this ID, to troubleshoot your issue.

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