Understanding the Support Desk

What the Desk Is
The Community Support Desk (CSD) was created to save the community and Developers time in addressing their technical issues, and so that all departments of development can be uniformly involved in the on-goings of issues and service.

The ultimate goal for development and support staff alike is to solve high-level issues... specifically those related to technical issues and those related to any serious, extreme support instances (considered at our discretion).


What the Desk Isn’t
While we try to maintain a level of professional etiquette at the Desk, the Community Support Desk is not a Customer Service department. It is exactly what its name says - Community Support.

The Desk is not meant to handle "babysitting" or "drama curbing” circumstances that arise from in-game player disputes. We consider almost all player disputes to be the responsibility of the players involved, not the desk.


Why Have a Desk
The Community Support Desk was originally created for the Developers to handle technical issues uniformly.

It has since grown significantly in purpose and function. With the help from dedicated volunteers who are here to assist you with your needs, we now support our Community with a growing Knowledge Base and in a variety of other ways.

This includes our new live Community Discussion area where any of the CSD topics, Game topics, or your own game-related, can be shared and discussed amongst friends in your gaming community.


Submitting a ticket request to the desk is always private.
Contributing to the Community area is always public.

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