Policies: Warnings and Suspensions

The most common reasons we Warn or Suspend are:

•  Using more than 1 Vampires: the Darkside account
•  Threats to the personal safety of another player
•  Hate Speeches
•  Tier Dropping

The current internal development policy for actions on common Player Reports are based on a 3-Strike system. This system is counted only per infraction, not overall. Please read below for an example.

During a single instance our action is to:

Warn - Level 1
The player is given a written warning regarding the infraction.

If the same instance is repeated:

Suspend - Level 2
The player is temporarily suspended from interacting with the game.

If the same instance is repeated again:

Ban - Level 3
The player is permanently banned from the game.

A policy level will only escalate if the same infraction is met repeatedly. If it is a new infraction, it begins at Level 1. Because each circumstance is different, and in the spirit of respecting our players, this system has proven to work best for our community.

There are some circumstances in which the violation is so profound that a faster hand is necessary. Kwaai Software, LLC reserves the right to exercise policy enforcement as they see fit. As one example, if an investigated player is proven to be using scripts or any other means of cheating, development reserves the right to institute an immediate ban.

All decisions reached and enacted are logged by development for future reference.

To learn more about the decision making process, please see our article on Unactioned Player Reports.


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