Technical: Lost Sphere Focuses?

Focusing is easy with the Focus timer.

How the Focus timer works:
• Upon clicking Focus, the timer will be Gray for 24hrs.
You cannot focus during Gray.

• After 24 hrs of Gray, the timer will turn Green.
During this 24hrs, you can focus any time.

• As the 23rd hour of Green rolls into the final, 24th hour, the clock will turn Red.
This is to warn you that you only have the remaining time displayed to focus.

• If you missed, the timer will say: Sorry! You've lost your Focus!

The Focus timer has been tested numerous times and works without error. Because 100% of lost focus reports have been human-error, we will no longer reset anyone's focus.

The only time we will return your lost focus is when the game is down during the time of your focus.

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