Reporting: Tier Dropping

Good Sportsmanship vs Bad Sportsmanship
While the Darkside encourages a Rule-Free playing environment, it is only encouraged with the hope that players will use good sportsmanship while hunting.

Because we understand the frustration of being consistently attacked by someone with a much higher level, we have deemed intentional tier dropping behavior as bad sportsmanship.

We strongly encourage you to report tier dropping by opening a new ticket request so development can review the case and discern whether support intervention is necessary.


What is Tier Dropping?
If a player consistently actions hitlisting, attacks, kills, KO's, or Self-Claims below their tier on another player who has not attacked or hitlisted them, it could result in the suspension or ban of the higher tier player. Development reserves the right to define "consistently" at their discretion.

Also note that high level players who are simply hunting from the Hitlist will not be actioned against for tier dropping.


Level Groupings by Tier
For your reference, these are the Tiers. Age is not counted.

    Levels 01 ~ 12 | Childe Tier
    Levels 13 ~ 49 | Vampire Tier
    Levels 50 ~ 89 | Master Tier
    Levels 90 & Up | Elder Tier


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