Ticket Requests: Solving Requests

Ticket Request Processing
All tickets are reviewed with care by our Support Staff, and when relevant are forwarded to the correct developmental department, where it is then re-reviewed and investigated.

Resolving Tickets
In cases where the support staff can resolve your request, your ticket is handled with care directly by them. Our experienced support staff is trained to handle your requests by using a knowledge base assembled by the developers.

In cases where development is required to solve the issue, our support staff must forward your request and wait for the developer to review and investigate the request. If a resolution is possible, the information is forwarded to the support agent handling your request, who then informs you of the result.

Unresolved but Marked Solved
While it is infrequent, there are some cases where no further resolution can be met on your request. Due to limitations in our support desk tools, we are forced to mark these cases as solved. All solved cases are logged in our archives for future reference.

If in the future something arises relevant to the status of this type of solved ticket, we may choose to re-open your ticket and continue the resolution process again.

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