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Salutations to the Darkside Community!

We're still working hard on Prowling 2/2, but we're at a point where we can start to whet your palettes. We're up to 234 scenario bosses, we've doubled (and in many cases tripled) our multiple lengths, and have made significant progress in lightening up not only negative scenarios, but deaths across the board.

But we're not here tonight to tell you more of what you already know. Rather we're here to unleash another peek of what's to come! Read on to find short story synopsis on the plots to unfold in Prowling 2/2!

*Please note that the titles to the multiples listed below are currently tentative and may be different at launch!


Prowling | The Darkside

As a powerful and talented vampire who has long been an autonomous, high-level Specialist relied upon by the Council, your journey now continues into the Darkside realm. Once you’ve gained enough essence from Topside you’ll access the Darkside realm and freely travel all the continents, visiting specific cities and their surrounding areas, or venture entire regions where no official cities otherwise exist.

Red Blood is the realm’s main currency, but the commodity—not native in these lands—is rare and hard to attain. Meanwhile the vampire culture is growing. Strange discoveries await, as do your fellow vampire inhabiting popular places. Encounters with friendly faces, opposing combatants, wild beasts, and native creatures is regular fare. With each area’s history present with your every step, you’ll look at the Darkside in a whole new shade of night.


The Stories | About
What Awaits

Though you’ll still have the brevity of single scenario adventures, it is those longer adventures where your choices define your path that the Deathmoon shines and the loot is the best. Prowling the Darkside you’ll find a fleshed out world, lavish with detail and a dizzying array of choices, enemies, puzzles, directions, and results.

New to Prowling is the Exploration Multiple where you take complete control over your travel and exploration, all the while unraveling plots, lore, loot and more. But be careful as you do. For a new quality of enemy—the hellishly difficult Titan class—are always near, waiting to impede your path!

Each story has been carefully crafted to be as positionally accurate as possible to the Darkside Map. This means you can literally track your location and travels during any adventure. Expect an updated version of the Darkside Map on or before Prowling 2/2 launches! (Stay tuned to future updates for an ETA on launch)

The Stories | Synopsis

City, Continent of Shade

Multiple | The White Eye Pools

With Shade’s Vampire Authorities resources stretched too thin, the Council tasks you with verifying whether survivors of the Dark Elf invasion are hiding in Aerothine. As your adventure unfolds you travel the continent, a stranger joins your quest, new mysteries come to light, and the Shaman King becomes a questionable presence.


Multiple | Ground War

A political explosion sets off a Ground War, pitting the North against the West. Forced by Aerothine's Head Magistrate to join the West in the confrontation, you’re ordered to Mystfell where you're given an offensive unit. Your decisions during wartime dictate a cascading adventure that could end in grand success or utter failure.


Multiple | Full Circle

Stolen in your slumber to have arrived in Dark Eden, you’re quickly sent into Lillith’s past to change a woeful decision. Your adventure takes you through a a calm moment during the Purge with a much younger Lillith. But tampering in the past is a dangerous thing and your every decision weighs heavily on your future.


*Exploration Multiple | Sisters of the Bloodmoon

When you overhear of a cargo drop off to a private compound run by a secluded order, your greed takes you from Aerothine to Bloodmoon Isle. Swarming with members of the Sisterhood, your love of loot puts you in a tense situation where stealth is your only friend, mysteries are revealed, and confrontation awaits you at every corner.


*Exploration Multiple | The Hunt

Taking to the Aerothine Bounty Boards, you decide to track all the public bounties listed this night. But a mysterious connection between some of your bounties elicits the Shaman King’s commander in Aerothine, the Headman, into sending his goons, the Handmen, out to kill them all.


Barren Soils
Region, Eastern Continent

Multiple | The Krow & the Vampire

When a talking, supernatural crow forces you to take on a mission for its mistress—a mysterious witch called the Krow Queen—you're thrown into a dangerous quest which spans the Soils. As you plot your revenge, you receive help from surprise allies and unwind the origins of your adversary.


*Exploration Multiple | The Barn

After a run-of-the-mill bounty claim offers clues to a secret storehouse in the Soils, you become certain that untold powers are to be had. When the storehouse turns out to be far more unpredictable than you ever imagined, you’ll have to use your all to survive with your riches.


*Exploration Multiple | Trumpet of Madness
Casting a psychic amplification spell at the opening of a surprise Battle Royal leaves you trapped in the mind of Erebus Horne. It’s a race against time to escape his mind before your psyche is absorbed. All the while you’ll be up against his crazy thought centers and weird psychic defenses. HINT: IT'S WEIRDER THAN YOU THINK


Multiple | End Times
The discovery of a mysterious stone connects you to a woman who can see a coming future that isn’t supposed to be. She predicts that you’re the Darkside’s only hope, but you can’t do it alone. She sends you to a post-apocalyptic Darkside to meet with a war-torn Caine. Together you’ll travel the realm and attempt to undo the devastation to come.


Multiple | The Chase
Your Intermediary sends you a supersecret summons which leads you to a hidden SIU lab. There you’re enlisted by Hieronymus Creel to help solve the inexplicable mystery of a kidnapped Conciliary Guard. Your investigation will span the Soils, leading you to an epic, mind bending finale.


City, Continent of Southern Borders

Multiple | Cimmerian Ridge

Rumors of a mounting Dark Fae invasion from the other side of the Great Barrier inspire you to aid the Darkside Militia’s forces. Your decisions will make or break the invasion, determining whether General Eiron becomes friend or foe.


Multiple | Ungodly Arrivals

You come to after having dispatched a strange enemy to find your memory has vanished. A cataclysmic invasion is underway. You’re led to an SIU agent with vital information that leads you on a dangerous adventure to stop the destruction of the Great Barrier and destroy the powerful netherrealm invaders.


*Exploration Multiple | Hemoglobal

In your downtime you’ve decided to take on a feat no other vampire has ever attempted: rob Hemoglobal. The darkly run corporation is ripe with riches, but the risk is high. Can you get through their intense security and find valuable loot? It’ll cost you your unlife if you fail, but it’s a challenge only someone of your skills can take on.


*Exploration Multiple | Nomad Territory

When an old friend from the Nomad Territories contacts you with a dangerous request by the Ongann high tribe, you'll travel their vast lands, pitted against angry tribal warriors, the infamous Mnasthai Cult and their dangerous necrosorcerers, the Waerloga.


Cities, Continent of Maiden's Casket

*Exploration Multiple | Training Night

Nearly destroyed by an enemy, you’re saved by a clanmate and brought to the Hall of Physickers... but after a successful healing your powers are gone. The Physicker General offers you a chance at regaining them through a highly experimental technique that implants your psyche in a childe’s body while they train in Eye of Eora.


Multiple | Devil’s Ball

Your Conciliary Intermediate sends you on your new supersecret mission from the Council: protect a wealthy debutante from assassination during Blackwell’s renowned Devil’s Ball. Your decisions will determine your victory or failure, and possibly uncovering the identity of the assassin.


*Exploration Multiple | The Monolith

Fed up with the quality of news put out by the Vampiric Scream, you’ve taken your rage directly to their offices. However no one’s ever allowed to see the Editors. Unfettered from your goal, you break in after hours to give them a piece of your mind... only to find the inner workings of the Monolith are just as crazy as the articles themselves.


*Exploration Multiple | House Montclair

Rescued after a battle with a legendary creature, you’re nursed back to health by the vampire of House Montclair. As a thank you, you offer your skills to help them reclaim their House’s reputation by sabotaging a rival House. But after investigation things are not so innocent as they seem with the Montclairs.


*Exploration Multiple | Seven Devils

Acquiring a strange map from the Athenaeum Archives leads to discovering the Temple of the Seven Saints. This fabled underground city was thought to be a myth. Within its ancient spaces you’ll find untold treasures and unlock the secrets of its disappearance from the Darkside, along with its original inhabitants.


Region, Hidden Continent

*Exploration Multiple | The Wirelands

Finding this mysterious region is difficult on its own, but traversing it requires a whole new level of fortitude. Yet as one of the most unexplored regions of the Darkside, it must hold incredible secrets. With no sense of direction, your powers on the fritz, nothing to hunt, no help, and your sanity’s imminent decline looming... you’re left to your own devices as the Wirelands fights against your every move.

Special Note:
The Wirelands is a different from other locations. Due to the Wirelands being so inhospitable, this regions is free of single adventures, contains only one harrowing Exploration multiple, and will contain no Athenaeum Archives or Games of Chance.

Know however that there are four full-length Multiples seamlessly weaved into the Exploration format. Thus your decisions can send you in numerous directions, making it possible that your story unfolds differently with every adventure. But vampire beware: the Wirelands will prove the most difficult place to be!


Athenaeum Archives

Multiple | Shared Locations

In an effort to keep the unliving’s known history and current facts present in the minds of vampire, one of the first mandates of the Council declared that Athenaeum Archives be built in every city or region. These archival libraries are precisely duplicated for the public to share the same information during study and learning. Drop by for a read and you might just make some startling discoveries!


Coming Later to Prowling...
With Prowling's Darkside Locations being a massive endeavor compared to any of the first half, there's other portions of Prowling 2/2 still under construction intended to come after the above Darkside locations launch. Here's a look at what's intended to finalize Prowling 2/2.


Cards of Fate

Game of Chance | Shared Locations

The Necromancer is fond of games. In a random encounter he offers you to play an ancient Necromagical game of chance... Cards of Fate. Twenty-one accursed cards, each offering a different course of events. Some conjure fortunes and others invoke sufferings, but the Night’s Raven rules them all. Will you dare the fates and draw your card?

The Living Die

Game of Chance | Shared Locations

The Necromancer is fond of games. In a random encounter he offers you to play an ancient Necromagical game of chance... the Living Die. Give this single, supernatural die a roll and the number you land may anger or please it, deciding your rewards or loss. Are you brave enough to roll the die?


Tower of Trials

Survival Fighting | Shared Locations

The Tower was created by a unknown, godlike being long ago. Unshackled to any one reality, it travels the netherrealms collecting the most powerful combatants. When any such hero is found, it crashes down from the skies to challenge them. However in order to brave the Tower, one must make a sacrificial offering of red blood.

Filled with incalculable supernatural power, it seeks only to humiliate and torture. It feeds from the death of the weak and imprisons the mighty. Overcome its challenges... and be the first to survive!


We hope you enjoyed this sneak-peek into Prowling 2/2! Be sure to ask whatever questions may come to mind, and stay tuned to future announcements as we get closer to completion!

— The VDS Dev Team

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