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Greetings, Darkside Community!

As we make headway on the enormous beast that is Prowling 2/2, we're bringing a new feature and updates your way. Before we get into the details we'd like to take a moment thank you for being with us in this new year.

2017 was an all around fantastic year for VDS. New players are on the rise and our tried and true have kept their fangs bloodied and talons sharp. We absolutely love you all and are looking forward to even more growth in 2018!

Speaking of 2018: this year new features are on the way, including Prowling 2/2, which will take your character through epic adventures on the Darkside. But hang on, we've got a new feature coming to you right now!

Let's take a look at it!


New Rewards Feature
Launching Jan 20

When you drop by your Town page, you'll now find yourself visiting the local Hall of Physickers to heal, or dropping by Hemoglobal to manage your RB finances! A new tab will also be present, where you'll also have access to Sind'Ra the Runesinger. But just what is a Runesinger?


Runes & The Runesinger

Ancient artifacts have been discovered across the Darkside. Said to have been here long before the time of vampire, they're referred to simply as Runes. After first appearing seemed to have little value, but that would soon change.

Sind'Ra arrived to the Darkside, receiving fame after revealing herself as a vampire who is innately attuned to the runes. She calls herself a Runesinger. For many years discovered runes have been secretly passed through her clan, their secrets being revealed from predecessor to new initiate.


As the only unliving Runesinger, Sind'Ra asserts that the runes are semi-sentient singing-stones capable of many unfathomable things. Only a Runesinger can hear their songs, and in singing back to them she can aid them in a special transformation, making runes more valuable than ever thought.

Sind'Ra describes that the Runes that can be transformed can be found in (6) different qualities, with each quality of rune holding dominion over certain desires of vampire. When properly attuned by a Runesinger, they have the potential to become any item within the dominion over which it rules.


That means any rune can be transformed into an item under a certain set. Sind'Ra explains that though she assists in its transformation it is up to the individual rune to reveal its true power, as only the runes know what they will become. But Sind'Ra is an enterprising vampire, and will only assist you in runesinging for a reasonable red blood fee. She has to make an unliving somehow!

With the discovery of runes becoming more prolific by the night, runes will be be found as a very rare reward in a vampire's daily combat. However the Council is now mining runes for sale to those who would prefer to stockpile them.

Three fantastic packages will be available for Favor Points on the Council > Strengthen tab. Buy the Ultimate Package and you get a chance at a free round of all six runes!

To learn all there is to know about what makes the Runesinger fantastic, drop by our new Runesinger CSD Section!

To celebrate the launch of the feature, we'll also be giving everyone in game a Premier Rune Package! Stay tuned to official announcements on January 20th!


Rewarding Gameplay

With much respect to the community, our direction in VDS is now moving toward an increased emphasis on reward-giving. The amazing Runesinger reward system being brought to open gameplay and the coming Prowling 2/2 are just the first examples of what's to come. 

However in taking these steps to ensure that your time gaming is filled with vastly increased ease and better, more powerful rewards, we would be remiss to not consider the game's overall balance. In order to facilitate bringing you so much more we're making some minor balance changes. Read on to get learn what that entails!

Rebalancing Clan Requirements
Updating on Jan 20

The mechanics of the Clan feature is certainly a very important social aspect, but admittedly much of the requirements built around it are also a restriction to us on the development side.

As it is, our 500 (+1/you) system has been one of the cornerstones of VDS, and is one of the things that has most impeded our way in terms of power/stat creation for fear of breaking the game's balance.

In our sister mobile app, Vampires Dark Rising, Clan requirements are 2000 (+1/you). Our gathered data has proven this as a successful way to give more without unbalancing the heart of the game.

Based on that experience and understanding our need to give more rewards to your gameplay in VDS, we will be adjusting the required clan amounts. The new Clan requirements in VDS moving to 1000 (+1/you).

That may sound like a hefty number, but we ask that you please let go of the stigma of requiring actual people to fill your Clan. Note that many of our Elders tier are already well above this mark with their current clan roster, and to you this change will merely mean the purchase of more powers and slaves to account for them.

To keep this transition as painless as possible for everyone in the community, we'll be adding in and upping many ease-of-use conditions, along with slight rebalances to a few other important areas.

Here's an in-depth look at the adjustments from our Closed Beta Patch Notes:

• Rebalanced required Clan amount to 1000 (+1), up from 500 (+1)
           > All Levels with 501 requirement met will be updated to 1001

• Per level, +10 Clan [NPC] will be added at level-up, stopping at level 75
           Note: By level 75 you'll have reached the new Clan Requirement

Players will be backdated any owed NPC Clan

• Slave Minders will be increased to 1001

• NPC Fighters [dummies] will be rebalanced/re-equipped for 1001 Clan

• Council Powers (Vintage & New) will see a price decrease

• Council Powers (Vintage & New) will have bulk purchase option

• Council's Clan Replenish options will see a price decrease

• New players will now begin with RB 20,000 on hand, up from RB 5000

For those of you looking to up your clan with real VDS players, be sure to drop by our Official Dark Mark Share Group on Facebook!

If you have questions or concerns about this change, please make the time to contact a support agent by opening a new Ticket Request! Additionally, as these changes were intended to coincide with the launch of Prowling 2/2, they will be included in the coming Patch Notes.


Prowling 2/2 Update
Coming Soon

The next half of Prowling development is still underway! We're done with writing/formatting and rewards have been allocated. We're currently in the Art & Database phase. As you read, your future Prowling adventures are being captured into the core system and our creative hands are wildly bringing life to the text, making up the myriad powers, achievements and sanctums, making for a fresh and beautiful experience to come.

When those aspects are complete we'll be into some significant testing. After it's given the all-clear you can expect to hear much more about it, including a launch date! We're also into the midst of a fresh new set of patch notes... expect that to be released in the near future!

That's all we've got for now. We'll be back in the near future with more!

—The VDS Dev Team


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