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  • Pauline de Rooij

    Guess I'll be stuck with ~ ✩ Ɖ̼̤̺̪̳̩͎̖ǻʀӄ Kǻʀɱǻ ✩ ~ from now on. LOL If I change my name now I will lose it forever!

  • Dianne Chiola

    I have carried my name as is for 8 years in MW's and my Loki group tag in my name is a relic from those days before Zynga closed the game down in June 2016 ~ no disrespect meant to the Dev's but my name means a lot to me for the reasons stated above so I am not going to change my name or VDS group tag as I don't want to loose any of it ✴╬ռֆօʍռɨǟƈ63✴

  • Joeb

    We're sure the developers take no offense. They understand the importance of your ingame names and are not expecting name changes from those of you who are grandfathered in.

  • Dianne Chiola

    @ Joeb thanks for your comment of reassurance

  • Joeb

    This article has been updated to include a screenshot of the available Unicode characters that are within the range, and to rework the wording of the copy and paste for better understanding.

  • Dianne Chiola

    Sadly those available are those probably not used by anyone in the game to be honest  can you just add Arial Unicode MS in your selection ? 

  • Joeb

    That's a great question, Dianne! Could you open a new Ticket Request and offer this as a formal suggestion? This way the devs will have a chance to look at the ticket and provide some feedback.

  • Dianne Chiola

    @ Joeb will do thanks for the suggestion

  • Twistedsista7

    one problem...when i click the link for the range screenshot, the screen is black with a white divider down the middle...thats it...


    Facebook is killing all the fun our game use to have. Especially our "SHOUT OUTS"!!!!!

  • Leembley

    I don't know if this is mentioned in another announcement but in addition to the constraints now on symbols there is also a limit of 25 characters...and spaces are counted! I learned the hard way.


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