Update on Darkside Prowling




  • Sherry Hallworth

    Only wish Instict Points werent so hard to get. I can't afford to buy them so I am limited to what is won during events and the ones gotten every 12 hours.

  • Joeb

    Thanks for your feedback! The developers have assured us that they're going to be adjusting the amount of Free Prowls you get so that you can prowl more frequently each day.

    In the meantime it's suggested to put a focus on Battle Tickets during team events, which would be the next best way to accrue lots of Instinct Points for free!

  • Chinh Le

    This sounds incredible!!!...and I can't wait to explore the Darkside with my friends...
    But will u pls also increase the ratio of scenarios dropping in the Topside compared to instant loot/deaths/boss fights??...MANY of us are still trying to collect what is needed for Topside rewards and so many instant pop up loot and boss fights instead of the great scenarios makes it so frustrating... :(


    I agree with both Sherry and Chinh. But aside from those two down points... All in all I enjoy the Prowling side of the game. Been in game almost as long as it's been on FB. Appreciate the effort y'all aka DEVS do to keep people interested and upbeat with the game. Thanx again y'all ROCK!
    <3's and {WHISKEY}
    (Yeah it's old hat but I don't care... So am I!) Hehehehe

  • Joeb

    Thanks for your feedback! We've been told that while the developers understand it requires revision, Topside will receive no changes until after the Darkside portion is released. We suppose that to mean you should expect it at a later date post-launch of the Darkside.

    Thanks for your feedback! We're delighted you're still enjoying the feature.

  • Chinh Le

    As long as the devs haven't forgotten abt revising the scenario drop rates for the Topside, Joeb, I'm fine with waiting till after the Darkside is released... :)

  • David Fuller


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